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Why are oil painting portraits timeless and meaningful gifts? – Let's meet!

Oil painting portraits have been treasured for generations, but that's not the only reason why we call them timeless and meaningful. This article shares some interesting facts about oil painting portraits and their impact as a gift. At the same time, we're very excited to introduce ourselves and reveal the story behind Paintshots.

Gift-giving can be called art. The perfect gift is one that the recipient will remember and should evoke an emotional response. No matter the occasion, gift-giving is a social ritual that requires careful thought, primarily when it's for people you love.

If you're here, it means you already have someone special in mind, or maybe you are just passionate about art. No matter why you landed here, you're in the right place.

So, what's so special about oil painting portraits as a gift? Not only that they mean something to the receiver, but they are also meaningful to you and the artist. How do we know this? Just stick around, and you'll also find out the real story behind Paintshots.


 Why do we call oil paintings timeless?

Timeless is a "big" word, but it represents oil painting. Here are a few things you should know:

1. Oil paintings have a shelf life of 30 - 40 years, depending on their makeup and the conditions under which they are stored.  

Now tell us, what other gift could you buy to last 30 to 40 years? The current life expectancy for the U.S. in 2022 is 79.05 years, which means an oil painting portrait can last about half of a person's lifetime.

 2. According to Britannica, the origins of oil painting date to at least the 7th-century ce. However, it would later become the most famous painting style in the 1500s, when it replaced egg tempera and became the primary painting medium. You can learn more about it by clicking here. Most important to extract from this information is that people have loved oil paintings for over 500 decades. 

Can you think of anything else that is still popular after so many years? With all the technology and fast changes, the popularity of things fades away quickly.

3. A recent article by the Washington Post examined just how famous oil paintings are as a gift. No wonder! It's a unique type of gift that can help individuals memorialize those they love while recapturing the power and style of the past. 

 Why oil painting portraits are a meaningful gift?

You may find plenty of gifts that are meaningful to your loved one. It may be something they need or want for a very long time. However, can you find a gift that is also meaningful to you and to the person (or team) that delivers the gift? Let's break it down for you.


 Why are oil painting portraits meaningful to the recipient?

  1. According to psychology, emotions get activated by memory. Remembering about a life event or a person you love can trigger certain emotions. An oil painting portrait acts just like a reminder while being a reflection of moments people had together. 
  2. This kind of gift reminds us that there are people who genuinely care about us.
  3. Besides the fact that it comes from YOU, it's a priceless gift because it's personal and one-of-a-kind. It also comes as a significant and emotional surprise. Why?
  1. They couldn't have seen it anywhere else.
  2. The gift comes together with the people they love.

 An oil painting portrait is a perfect way to commemorate one or more special persons or a life milestone. Not only that they serve as a reminder of your loved ones but also as an inspiration to keep striving and achieving. 


  Why are they meaningful to you?

  1. A study finds that spending money on others promotes happiness. The feelings you may experience from giving someone a gift they love may also have a more significant impact than spending money on ourselves.
  1. You don't just buy this gift; you participate in its creation. Who decides which people or backgrounds should be in the artwork? Exactly! That's YOU! You are the one who knows the people or pets they love, tells the story, and sets the scenes. 
  1. If you sat down and learned more about oil painting portraits, you greatly care about that person. Ending up with a completely original work of art for your loved one must be substantial to you too. 


 What do oil painting portraits mean to the artists? 

To the artist, it is invaluable because it captures a person's uniqueness and presents them in a way that garners attention. Beginning artists often struggle with figuring out what they should start with if they're just getting started on painting portraits. However, we've got a few answers to this question from our professional artists:

  1. "Oil painting portraits are a detailed art form, requiring my skill, time and passion." Joanna – Artists at Paintshots
  2. "To a portrait artist, it's always a joy to have a new subject or theme to explore." Mike – Artist at Paintshots
  3. "It becomes meaningful when I finish the painting and feel like I gave life to their story." Tanya – Artist at Paintshots


Hey! We're Paintshots – Let's meet!

At Paintshots, we understand the difficulty in finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, especially if they have everything they need. At the same time, some of us know how it feels to receive an oil painting portrait as a gift and what it means to the artists that create it.  

The reason why we know this is because an oil painting portrait gift inspired Paintshots. It meant the world to the founder, so he found us – a team of creatives, artists, and friendly people who share the same values and beliefs. 

Before revealing an emotional and authentic story of how Paintshots started, here's what we want you to know about our team:

  • We love to learn and share knowledge about art. 
  • Paintshots believes gift giving is an art and a powerful way to show how thankful we are for our loved ones. 
  • We're excited to share our stories and listen to yours.
  • Our goal is to help you create the ideal gift and reveal tears of joy.


The real story behind Paintshots 

You all know that each brand has a founder - someone passionate and inspired to bring something to life. That's why, when I say a gift is what inspired Paintshots, I mean it. So, here's our secret:

"In 2022, my wife gave me a unique gift, which met all the qualities of a perfect gift. Her gift was the inspiration behind Paint Shots. 

In 2015, my mother sadly passed away. My daughter was only four months old, and my son had not yet been born. I was very emotionally distraught and missed my mother's presence and guidance. I often dreamt of her and wished I could have her with me through difficult times and celebrate life milestones. 

Although a few years passed, I always carried the sadness with me. In 2022, my wife gave me the most meaningful, unforgettable present. She put together pictures of our family, including my mother, and then had a professional artist draw our family portrait. The gesture touched me and inspired me to spread the joy I felt with others. 

This was when I came up with the idea for Paintshots. With Paintshots, you can give the best gift of love through a personalized portrait. Our fantastic, professional artists allow you to create life-like memorable paintings of moments you have cherished with your loved ones. 

Each portrait is affordable yet meticulously crafted by fantastic, skilled artists. At Paint Shots, we are committed to making more people feel loved. We hope that with each portrait, we can present your loved ones with a pleasant surprise that will brighten their day." – founder of Paintshots.  


 A final word…

The perfect present can lift a mood, improve relationships, repair wrongdoing, or simply remind a loved one that you care. 

Whether you need a portrait to give as a Christmas present or to commemorate someone's special day, oil painting portraits are personal, meaningful, and will be valued for generations. That's why we call oil painting portraits timeless and meaningful gifts. 

With a professional team in our high-tech world, looking back at old portraits of family members can help us create the most cherished memories. 

Paintshots is not only here to help you surprise your loved ones, but we're also here to share inspiring stories and knowledge about art. We believe that together with you, we can create a magical day for someone and inspire others to do the same for their special ones. We'd love to be part of each other's story, so we'd like to invite you into our world. 

Let's inspire, learn about art and brighten someone's day together. You can also find us on social media! Just as oil painting portraits, we're here TO STAY.

If you want to know more about how you can create a memorable and timeless gift for someone you love, click here