About Us

At Paintshots, we're creating memories, telling your stories through quality professional oil paintings lasting for generations.

You know how difficult it is to get the ideal gift for the people we love, especially when they are not missing anything. What you may not know, is that oil painting portraits are personal and meaningful gifts that can last over 30 years.

An oil painting portrait gift inspired Paintshots. It meant the world to the founder, so he found us – a team of creatives, artists, and friendly people who share the same values and beliefs.

We believe that gift-giving is an art, and we sure love ART! That's why we're not here only to sell gifts but to inspire and educate people about art, share emotional reactions, and keep in touch with those who share our values.

We like to think about Paintshots as your "partner in crime" when you want to create another long-lasting memory with the people you love.

Our goal is to help you surprise your special ones with unique gifts. Let's unite our powers and make them reveal tears of joy!

Want to know the real story behind Paintshots?

Here's "a word" from our Founder:

"In 2015, my mother sadly passed away. My daughter was only four months old, and my son had not yet been born. I was very emotionally distraught and missed my mother's presence and guidance. I often dreamt of her and wished I could have her with me through difficult times and celebrate life milestones.

Although a few years passed, I always carried the sadness with me. In 2022, my wife gave me the most meaningful, unforgettable present. She put together pictures of our family, including my mother, and then had a professional artist draw our family portrait. The gesture touched me and inspired me to spread the joy I felt with others. This was when I came up with the idea for Paintshots.

With PaintShots, you can give the best gift of love through a personalized portrait. Our fantastic, professional artists allow you to create life-like memorable paintings of moments you have cherished with your loved ones. "

–Founder of Paintshots

Paintshots knows that oil painting portraits are timeless and meaningful gifts. You can click here to learn more about us if you want to know why.

Learn more about our culture:

Paintshots is committed to the growth and well-being of the company team members and to creating a pleasant experience for every person who wishes to surprise their loved ones.

We are genuinely responsible for all our actions and the work we create through the products made for customers.

We will consistently deliver what we promise within the time frame we mention.

Paintshots will always aim to meet and exceed clients' expectations.

At Paintshots, we're all about connecting with our customers. We will keep our conversation honest, friendly, warm, and positive with result-oriented communication.

We take privacy very seriously. Paintings and revealing emotional reactions will come only with the client's consent.

Our team:

  • Wayne Yang

    Wayne Yang

    Founder & CEO of Paintshots LLC

  • Andreea Popa

    Andreea Popa

    Social Media Manager

  • Aleksandra Kostic

    Aleksandra Kostic

    Artist & Graphic Designer